About Star Travel Group

Star Travel is one of the experienced Russian tour operators specialized in inbound tourism in Russia since 2006. Our experience in this industry has grown increasingly throughout these years of activity in Russia, and throughout this thirteen years of experience, we have a grand amount of knowledge about Russia history, culture, and its tourist target-cities. Given this, we can claim that we operate the best tours in Russia.

Managing Russia tour is our main expertise because our focus is only on Russia tours, this will help us to prove our case that we know how to make a truly fascinating journey to Russia.

Our Services


One of the advantages of Star Travel that distinguishes it from other travel agencies is our special services including offering the top hotels in Russia that tailored to our customers’ needs. Undoubtedly, one of the main concerns of travelers is their hotel and place of stay; we rely on our many years of experience in Russia as well as our knowledge of hotels' locations and prices, to always offer the best hotels in Russia to our passengers.

We also have always kept our passengers’ comfort, from the moment they arrive, until later during the touring, and at the end when we say farewell in our mind so our passengers would enjoy the most pleasant and delightful trip to Russia with us.

One of the most crucial details in a journey into Russia is your knowledge of Russia tourist attractions. We are honored to have some of the top experts in Russia history and culture alongside us as our tour leaders who know enough about attractions of Russia and will accompany our dear travelers in a memorable journey into Russia.


Our Goals


Our foremost goal at the Star Travel Group is to satisfy our clients and travelers. Everyone can't claim that they operate the best Russia tours without giving comfort to their clients. Given that, we have always offered several different tours with a wide variety of features and options to meet all the expectations of our clients.

Another one of our prime goals is to make traveling to Russia as easy as possible. Due to the wide range of travel choices in Russia as well as the numbers of Russia major tourist attractions, which each of them is remarkable in their unique way, we have always tried our best to ensure that our travelers would choose the best tours following their wishes and expectations without any confusion.


Final word


The main concern of ours from the beginning has been and will continue to be the value of our travelers and their needs. Passengers are the priority and foremost part of our job, and this has been our memo from the start. Our daily priority on the job is our passengers and their satisfaction on their journey into Russia, and that is quite essential to us; that’s the reason why we never leave anyone indifferent.